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How to support us?

The V-Nut and others have invested a huge amount of hours into this project.
Here are some ways you can say thanks, contribute or more.

Spread the word

To reach more people and improve their health or knowledge, here are some examples:
  • Share or like our site on social media or anywhere else. Preferably publically and not private.
  • Correct exaggerated "vegan food miracle" claims on other sites with a comment including a link to the right information here, or confirm the right claims.
  • Forward our site to your favorite organization, magazine, restaurants, etc..
  • .Just .. spread the word.

Direct (Paypal, VISA, ..)





Volunteer / contribute

There are many ways you can volunteer!
  • Crowd vote images: Help us completing images for ingredients and recipes.
    Vote for the right image on ingredients, or find a better picture by clicking 👎, especially where no pictures are shown yet. Here some more info
  • Let us know if there are non-vegetarian products you encounter in our database. Or have a small game in finding them consistently and tell us how you did it so we can script all of them out.
  • Make some healthy recipes (and share).
  • Spread the word! See above
  • Anything you can think of. Contact the V-Nut for any questions.

Partner with us / Hire us

  • If you have a recipe site, we can analyze your recipes. We can link to your recipe page for instructions and you can link back to ours for nutrition values. Backlinking is Google ranking!
  • If you have a restaurant and would like to offer your customers nutritional info on your menu or on a pamphlet accompanied with each dishes, we'll make them for a fair price. (Discount for vegan restaurants!)
  • Partnerships and services are manyfold. Just contact the V-Nut for any proposals.

Macro Nutrients


76.8 g RDA
28% of total calories

Macro Nutrients


346 g AI
55% of total calories
Total carbs = sugars + starch + fiber

Macro Nutrients



32.5 g RDA
5% of total calories
Non-added sugars or natural sugars!

Macro Nutrients



275 g deducted
Starches are your main long term energy source

Macro Nutrients



38.0 g AI
Fibers are practically undigestible carbs that have many diverse healthy benefits.

Macro Nutrients


60.0 g RDA
0.8g per kg body weight

Macro Nutrients


3700 g AI
This includes the water in your food! So, don't drink as much per day. Drinking too much cán have side effects.

Macro Nutrients


2514 kcal DRI